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Digital signatures carry the same legal weight as ink signatures. Falsification of information and forgeries will be prosecuted.

The property(ies) you are applying to rent require a cosigner/guarantor. A guarantor is generally a family member, who is capable of and willing to guarantee your commitment to paying rent and maintaining the property. Once you have entered the information below an email will be automatically generated and sent to your guarantor. Included with this email will be our Cosigner Application and 3rd Party Guarantee Form for your guarantor’s completion, review and digital signature.

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Renting Policies & Information

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I certify, under penalty of perjury, that the above information is true and complete. I acknowledge that if I refuse to answer any question or if I have given false information (1) my Application may be rejected; (2) my processing fees will be retained; and (3) if I have entered into a Lease, I will be considered in breach of that Lease. I authorize the Wolfe & Associates, Property Services to use reasonable means to obtain and verify information concerning this application. Such means may include use of or contacting consumer reporting agencies, current and previous employers, current and previous landlords and law enforcement agencies. I hereby authorize all such groups, parties, and individuals to release any pertinent information to Wolfe & Associates, Property Services.

I hereby agree to pay a $20 Non-Refundable Application Fee for processing this application. An itemized receipt of processing fees is available upon request. By submitting this form, I represent that I have read and agree to all provisions of this Rental Application and the above Renting Policies & Information.

Wolfe & Associates Property Services does business in strict compliance with the Fair Housing Act.

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